GIVEAWAY| PROACTIV 30-DAY KIT I have always wanted to do a Random Blog Giveaway (RBG). My first RBG is Proactiv Integrated Acne Treatment System 30-Day Kit composed of one 60 mL Renewing Cleanser, one 60 mL Revitalizing Toner, one 30 mL Repairing Treatment and a bonus tube of Refining Mask. Total worth of this giveaway is at least … Continue reading GIVEAWAY| PROACTIV 30-DAY KIT


It is past one o'clock in the morning and I just finished watching the movie King Arthur. It is National Heroes' Day and I am taking the holiday off. I thought of watching another movie but I do not think I can take another 1.5 hours of continuous exposure to radiation from a 55-inch LED … Continue reading KING ARTHUR│MY FIRST ATTEMPT AT MOVIE REVIEWS