Was the Coke Studio homecoming event last night a disaster? I was not invited to the event but most of my lifestyle blogger friends were. My newsfeed last night till this morning was all about it. Some were ranting about how they were inconvenienced about the event cancellation while most were thankful and fully understood why the event had to be cancelled.

I am just glad that my blogger friends like Lhyzie Bongon and Mommy Lars got out of it safe and sound. I saw a clip on Facebook how rowdy the crowd was.


Here is my piece… I think that the organizers were actually preventing a potential disaster similar to the tragic Wowowee event that happened years ago in Ultra, Pasig. And nobody… I mean nobody wants the same thing happening again.

Let me refresh your memories by watching the video I found on youtube below:

Thanks to John Paulo Caparros of Strategic Works, Inc. for sharing what the management of Coca Cola Philippines has to say about the whole incident.

Below is Coca Cola Philippines’ official statement:

On December 07, 2018, the Coke Studio Concert organizers, Philippine National Police, the City of Pasay, and SM Mall of Asia decided to reschedule the Coke Studio Christmas Concert to early next year to prioritize the public’s safety.

The safety of everyone is of utmost importance to us. The unsafe behavior of portions of an estimated 15,000 spectators such as pushing, jumping on the barricades and throwing bottles, threatened the safety of the rest of the concert-goers, despite numerous reminders from authorities present.

There were some who sustained minor injuries and were immediately given medical attention. After careful assessment, and repeated requests for the public’s cooperation, Coca-Cola together with all the artists, PNP, the City of Pasay, and SM MOA, deemed it necessary to reschedule the concert to a later date.

We thank the PNP, the local government of Pasay, and SM MOA for their full support in helping ensure everyone’s protection, the artists for their passion and fully supporting the decision to prioritize their fans’ welfare, and lastly, to the concert goers for their understanding and support. We recognize that a lot of them have traveled far to see their favorite artists. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Rest assured that we will continue to coordinate with the relevant parties to further tighten control measures in our next events.

Again, we thank everyone for their understanding and their continued support.

Coca-Cola PH

I hope that we learn more about discipline as a people. We all can have fun and feast without having to act like wild animals. Better safe than sorry.

What do you think about the cancellation of the Coke Studio Homecoming last night? Let me know by putting your comments below.

Signing out for now. Peace.


  1. Tama lang po yun sir,kesa nman na maulit uli ang mga stampede scene at marami na nman ang magsisisihan mabuti ng maagapan.daming dumagsa at di kayang kontrolin ng organizer mga wild fans.sana next year mas madami na ring italagang mga police .


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