I am currently on a JAM Liner Bus on my way to Batangas Port to catch a boat trip to Puerto Galera. Thanks to my jurassic but dependable unlimited data plan from SUN because I still get to blog.

I brought with me my laptop, Canon DSLR and DJI Phantom. Kinakarir na talaga ang travel blogging (taking travel blogging seriously). #suportahanmonalangako #translatepamore

Anyway, I have been thinking of what to give my godchildren this Yuletide Season. That is,  kung magpapakita ako (if I am going to show up at all). LOL.

With a tight budget and a growing number of godchildren by the minute (of course, I am exaggerating), it has become an annual challenge. #sakitsaulobes

Call it impeccable timing… my bookworm friend just informed me that it is that time of the year once again for the Scholastic Warehouse Sale and Book Buffet! Perfect! I am giving the gift of reading this Christmas.

Not too many of my godchildren are fond of reading books anymore. They would rather swipe and scroll down screens than flip and browse through pages. I have always believed that reading books trains the mind and keeps it mentally fit. Just recently, I came across an article stating that reading books is linked to having a longer lifespan. Pampahaba ng buhay bes! #basabasadin


So let us hurry and head to The Scholastic Warehouse Sale, open everyday, from 9am to 6pm until December 23. I am going as soon as I get back from this trip.

Stock up for Christmas from a wide selection of picture books, fiction and nonfiction books, popular series, references, inspirational, arts and crafts, and teacher’s resources with discount of up to 50%. 

Further, you may avail of the much-awaited Box All You Can Book Buffet for only P799.

Give the gift of reading this Christmas! In short, give something that is value-adding to your godchildren. Remember, what you give gives an indication of who you are and what you value.

So ‘pag walang binigay walang kwenta? Pwede. LOL. Di ko na itratranslate yan. 

Signing out for now. Peace!


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