I have always thought that salted duck egg or “itlog na maalat” in the vernacular was and has always been a Filipino delicacy. It is surprising to know that it actually originated from China. It is made by soaking duck eggs in damp and salted charcoal.

In the Philippines, salted duck eggs are dyed red to distinguish them from fresh ones. A popular method of curing the eggs is through the “Pateros style” whereby the fresh eggs are individually dipped in a cake batter made of clay from anthills and termite mounds, table salt and water. The eggs are then packed in boxes wrapped in newspapers and stored away at room temperature for two weeks. The cured eggs are then cleaned and boiled in low heat for thirty minutes.

I personally love eating “itlog na maalat” with fresh tomatoes, fried fish and super garlic fried rice. I am salivating as I write this. LOL.

Now, there is another way of eating salted eggs: CHIPIPZ Salted Egg Chips! Wow! I get to eat two of my favorites, i.e. potato chips and salted eggs, in one snack! CHIPIPZ has been doing the rounds on Facebook lately and I have been hearing from friends how they love it. I did not want to get left behind so I gave it a taste test on the first episode of “EAT OR EEK?” on my Youtube channel.

Have you tasted this newest craze in town yet? Let me know in the comments section. Do give my video a thumbs up and subscribe if you want to see similar videos in the future.

For orders, please text or call 0905-3156600 or visit

This is it for now. Signing out. Peace!



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