To those who do not know, I used to be part of the ‘rat race’ trying to climb that ever elusive corporate ladder while brushing elbows with the big wigs. I actually came out with a vlog about it in March 2017 here.

After almost a year of being out of the corporate world, I have officially reignited my passion for film making through this project– The ASMAROS Global Corporation’s Corporate Audio-Visual Presentation.

ASMAROS Global Corporation is engaged in the global distribution  of eel products such as fillet, live and grilled or Kabayaki and Japanese  rice. These products are Japan Aquatic  Standard Certified products and are considered top quality under Japanese  standards. ASMAROS eel products come from  Cabadbaran Aquatech Resources Corporation (CARC), considered the most  modern eel farm in Asia, located in Cabadbaran, Agusan Del  Norte in Mindanao.

CARC’s eel farm and processing plant  are both JAS Certified. The Japanese rice comes from  a local source, the CARAGA-AGUSAN GREENFIELD RESOURCES and AGROTECH  CORPORATION.

To ensure top quality, the eel farm,  processing plant and rice farm employ Japanese systems and technology and  Japanese managers and staff.

ASMAROS, through a logistics partner,  ships the products from the farm to a central warehouse in Metro Manila and  then to customers around the country. In the future, ASMAROS aims to expand  its operations globally to be a company where customers become raving fans.

Established in June 2017 located in  Las Pinas City, ASMAROS is a family owned company whose mission is to passionately  deliver products fresh on time every time to any location in the world.

ASMAROS Global Corporation will devote  time and resources in sustainable projects to exceed customer satisfaction  and develop a community of raving fan customers.

To those who require help in coming up with an audio-visual presentation, you may contact me here: or call 0925-6000676.

Signing out for now. Peace!



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