Since my brother, Jemdahunk, loves the Glacial Marine Mud so much, we decided to make a demo video. Contrary to the almost abrasive “charcoal-slash-glue” blackheads remover circulating online, this facial mud pack is light and gentle. Probably one of the best facial mud packs I have come across recently!

Glacial Marine Mud is rich in minerals, sourced from a remote glacial estuary in the Pacific Northwest. It is great for all-over body use, too. It is safety-allergy-dermatologist tested and effectively removes impurities and dead skin cells without affecting normal cells. There is less flaking when dried due to the presence of sea botanicals. There is minimal water separation, too.

This forms part of my almost weekly skin care routine which I coined as Mud Pack Saturday. It is also one great way to spend quality time with friends and family while catching up on things that transpired during the week or while watching a game on TV or during a Game of Thrones marathon on a Saturday.

This amazing product is a must-try. Great testimonials abound online, too. Go and visit the shop now! Free shipping within the Philippines.

Hope you guys enjoy the weekend and have a blast! Signing out for now. Peace!


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